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Test yourself with the worlds largest GAMSAT quote generator. Randomly select from over 100 quote sets modelled on previously tested ACER topics. 

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Press on the options below to practice upon GAMSAT-style prompts. Review your work to standards in line with our famous essay structure. Remember to practice under test conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ask A usually revolves around geopolitical issues (war, democracy, crime) and Task B surrounding personal and social topics (friendship, trust, love). Yet, practicing a broad philosophical idea can be applicable to both.

When studying, try limiting yourself between 25-29 minutes per essay, this will give you some time to review your work. Remember, you can always come back to add in extra details if you have the time.

This number will vary between students. It is generally recommended that before sitting the GAMSAT, students will type up at least 4 essays under exam conditions. This will help students understanding timings and familiarise themselves with exam-style prompts.

Yes, we offer comprehensive essay guides and classes to help you improve your GAMSAT essay writing. Visit our products page under the 'Buy Now' tab.